Dears to Deers

(82858) November 19, 2012
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“Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens and “Clocks” by Coldplay played over each other.

Best thing I’ve heard all day.

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(0) September 09, 2011
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S - H

Steady as she goes,
Cause nobody knows.

Steady as she goes,
Could you might suppose.

Steady as she goes,
Cause you won’t impose.

Steady as she goes,
Teasing at her toes,
Leaving all her foes,
Drinking up a dose

of caffeine pills.

Steady as she goes,
Steady as she,
Steady as,




Steady as he goes,
Heavy on a dose.
Over the bridge to boast,

This morning was full of………………
… … … … .
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
   .    .    .    .
         .         .

(0) September 09, 2011
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lines and planes

The lines and planes of travel were worn to the bone,
The wind whistled through, exhaling one single groan,
Ophelia noted that the world smelt of petrichor,
She hoped she would not have to go very far,

Down the path to the right the masks would appear,
Wearing the faces of the creatures from the world of the drear,
Though when she sees them only tears begin,
Tell me she cried, where does a heart grow within,

One creature with the mask of wolf and child,
Stepped forward to scold her quite mild,
He said Let me take you back to the house of rain,
All other creatures stood in shock, expecting in vain,

For the wolf to stop this useless strain,
And at the last minute, no second sooner,
Showed a creature whom had neither mask nor face,
Without any warning, caution, or speaking,

The creature started the beating,
Grabbing the wolf, he threw him with none disgrace,
Though no creature survived to tell of the scare,
Of whatever evil killing had happened there,

And Ophelia herself lay deadest of all,
Under the apple trees which stretched wide,
Her eyes nearly opting to confide,
The true worth of treasures untold,

And the steps one might take to release a hold,
On the last soul which could be so beautifully bold

(0) September 09, 2011
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feathers of a howling dread

The beasts are waiting for the violent gold dawn
So that they may rise up and sing their awful song
They enter the gates of a soul without asking
And set to the task of burning and basking
In the memories of ones soul thoroughly
Before one can howl in dread and fury

Then the biggest beast drags in the perfect deceitful articulation
But none other cares, for they find it to be ones own fascination
This beast kills the birds of ones loose heart strings
And none shall stir, for they find them to be useless beings
These birds, however, once knew the meaning of the lies
Before one could be there, the feathers plummet from the skies

The last thing one hears is the rumbling laughter like thunder
Never after, never after, and nevermore will you sin
Or a soul encompass that hollow hole in your chest of chagrin
And I will be present to make sure none will fester
Within a happy visage of any known jester
In the end we shall see who becomes the investor
Of this unfortunate tale of ‘nevermore’ besters

And the beasts marked their evil on a being of poor fortune
Walked away without leaving even a small portion
Of a sliver of hope for one to think to succeed
In trying to pick up the remaining feathers to plead.

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ruddy posture

Sleep for eternity,
Sleep as a dream,
Sleep with tarantulas,
Sleep as the stream.

Open up the calavar,
Filed under calcifer,
Fix the ruddy posture,
Paste a new seam.

Sleep for the worry,
Sleep for the dream,
Sleep for the hurry,
Sleep in the canteen.

File a smooth clavicle,
Release the old seam.

(229) April 29, 2011
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(0) April 25, 2011
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Wander Luster

"My eyes are burning"
"That is to be expected. It’s perfectly normal."
Silent. For a second, anyway.
"How so?"
"It just is. Now hush."
Alexander touched her forehead, his cool fingers a relief on the hot skin. “How much did you take, you crazy pixie?”
"Exactly how much of the potion did you take?"
"You are talking in riddles, silly boy. I thought you were allowed to look into my heart. You love me, do you not? When did that stop."

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Fingerprints chapter II

version one (status: dissected)

"Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge."

- Kahlil Gibran

Porcelain wanted answers. The type of answers that weren’t quite so easily answered by just asking oneself or a friend or a colleague, these were the form of answers that required someone in the profession in answering unseemingly unanswerable questions.

Fingering the slip of velvet paper that the bar tender had given her, Porcelain said the name out loud for about the thirty first time that day: Clarice Clarabelatheen.

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(0) April 25, 2011
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“The position actually was only somewhat less than intolerable; but he thought of it as almost comfortable.”
The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway (page #15, par. #47)

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